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General Cleaning Services

Our fully trained, well-equipped mobile teams deliver a range of specialist cleaning services in accordance with our sustainable ethos and adhering to the highest standards of health and safety. Our specialist services are fully tailored to the requirements of the client.

An easy looking task but in fact a very important one. We do all types of cleaning i.e., banks, airports, ministries, buildings, offices, residential complexes, schools etc. with experienced staff and all necessary equipment and chemicals in hand; we are confident of satisfying our customers need.

1 -Industrial Cleaning
We have specialist chemicals and equipment, which help us to clean all grime and dirt from difficult locations on large or small scale.
2- Window and Glass Cleaning
Glass has to be maintained and kept clean as it reflects the personality and image of the establishment. In the UAE most of the offices, complexes and residential building have a complete glass façade, therefore it is essential to have professional cleaning for these. We, at Gulf Care take pride in proving that we are specialists in this field and are able to clean using equipment, chemicals and safety devices ensuring the safety of our workers as well as of the surroundings and meeting customers’ satisfaction.
3- Floor, stone maintenance and restoration

We’re proficient in maintaining all types of hard floor surface – such as terrazzo, porcelain, Victorian ceramic and terracotta tiles, as well as natural stone floors, including marble, limestone, travertine, sandstone and slate. Our team source the required cleaning solutions and machinery to deliver cost-effective, high-quality results every time.

4-Street cleaning
  • Cleaning all roads in the city by the latest road sweeping machines.
  • Providing sweepers for hire on a private basis.
5-Hospital Cleaning

It is a science in itself –a very high standard of clean has to be achieved and maintained by specially designed hygienic procedures and practices. “Good hygienic environment in the hospital” is what we et out to achieve not only as our standard but because we believe that good hygiene is one of the most important steps in saving human life.

6-Drainage cleaning

Cleaning of entire drainage systems and sewage networks.

Removal of all types of sludge, dirt, and grease from pipes utilizing high pressure water jetting machines and vacuum tankers.

Washing and flushing drainage lines, bath room floor drains, collection tanks etc.

Cleaning of grease rooms and pipes connected to the main collection pit.


Regular upholstery cleaning keeps office furnishings in top condition and increases their lifetime. Our services include steam cleaning, pad cleaning and leather cleaning.

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