Sanitization & Disinfection Services

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Sanitization & Disinfection Services

GULF CARE Services is specialized in providing Sanitization & Disinfection services using the advanced technology, and certified approved equipment & chemicals by Fumigation, spray, sterilization & walk-through gates GULF CARE is using echo friendly sterilization material for the Safety of people, plants and animals.

We are licensed and certified by the Ministry of Health in the United Arab Emirates.

we guarantee to deliver a service that will provide a safer working environment and help to minimize employee sickness and absences.


We Offer a selection of certified services that ensure workplace environments are bacteria free and as clean as they can possibly be. We are aware and have reacted to the dramatic increase in environmental infections that effected all aspects of people’s life around the Globe.

How to achieve our goal:

A high standard of service using a certified and approved equipment and chemicals.
Innovative organic German made solutions enables surface disinfection treatments with a bactericide, virucide
Best Tools in the market specifically made to be used for disinfection and sterilization
Highly trained professionals.
Strong relationships with our customers either commercial or personal level.

“We guarantee to deliver a service that will provide a safer working environment.”



Our clients are in different sectors starting from residential and commercial units and building, Hotels and Malls, Transportation vehicles and Schools to the Government entities and Ministries

Public Spaces:

Where high volumes of people are received each day.

Public Transport:

To assist in the task of reducing the risk of infection.


Our products are approved and used by health authorities throughout the UAE by disinfecting wards and rooms throughout the facility to keep patients, staff and visitors safe from infections and germs


From nurseries to schools our range of products and services keep our children and students environments germ free and safe

Hotels and leisure Places: 

Disinfection of common areas and whole rooms, by using fogging & dry mist technology to  ensures locations which have the highest risk of contamination are kept germ free and safe.

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