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Eco Friendly Pest-Control Control

No one likes to have unwanted guests in their homes, as The United Arab Emirates has an arid climate with very dry, hot and humid summers from April to September and generally warm and dry conditions in winter from October to March, makes it convenient for the other breeding of various unwanted pests. We offer full range of Eco-Friendly pest Control services in Abu Dhabi and Across UAE, ensuring complete eradication of all pests that live in or around your residential premises. Eliminating these pests is crucial as they can not only damage your home, but can also result in serious health repercussions like pneumonia, salmonella, and dysentery to name a few. Choosing an appropriate service provider for pest control is often time consuming, and inconvenient.

Professional Quality

With over 17 years of experience, we have served many clients across Abu Dhabi & all the other Emirates, Gulf Care programs are educationally based (strong knowledge of the target pest population dynamics is required) and use a combination of pest prevention methods, non-chemical treatments and, if needed, least toxic alternatives, to solve pest problems in sensitive environments. Economic & eco-friendly. Gulf Care will bring you, from around the globe, the most effective and environmentally responsible solutions for a safe and economical urban integrated pest management in sensitive environments.

Targeted Pests

1. Flying and crawling pests. 

 a. Flying pests: Mosquitoes, Flies, And Others.

  b. Crawling pests: Cockroaches, Bed Bugs, Fleas, Ants, etc.

2. Rodents: Rats and Mice.

3. Store pests: Red Flour Beetle, Rice Weevil and Others.

4. Termites: Various.

5. Arachnids: Red Back Spider, Scorpions, etc.

6. Feral Birds: Pigeons & Others.

7. Microbial organisms: bacteria, fungi, viruses etc.

Pest control Methods & Techniques
  • Control of all types of crawling and flying insects (e.g., cockroaches, bed bugs, ant sand, etc.) from residential / governmental buildings, adopting techniques such as residual sprayings, using updated formulations such as microencapsulated, least toxic, DM approved insecticides, also techniques of ant / roach bait such gel using with standard guns.
  • Adopting international standards of rat control programs, multi-dose (anticoagulant) & single dose (Acute Poison) systems these systems applicable with planned time program such these programs shall be conducted within trained, professional supervisors following up multi-visits for the premises. Other RC techniques include glue traps, effective fumigation and dusting of outdoor treatment. Al mentioned techniques and others are conducted with prior of full survey

and inspection for the infested areas using modern ways of survey and monitoring. Appropriate of safety shall be whilst operations.

  • Methods of fumigation (gassing) the vessels, stores or ships shall be conducted by using phosphine gas or methyl bromide or others. These procedures shall be supervised by pest control specialists and trained PCSs taking the safety procedures as top priorities certificate of fumigation shall be awarded to the client after the treatment, proved the free of pest.
Gulf Care, Pest Control Crew

Gulf Care Operated by qualified and highly skilled trained pest control operators (PCOs): approved by municipality, ID holders. Pest control engineer (entomologist) with high qualifications, approved by municipality.

Municipality Approval

Gulf Care is approved by Abu Dhabi Municipality thus Gulf Care is classified and listed within ADM of the approved pest control companies, this eligibility accomplished after pass of the staff to ADM standard tests.

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