Air Duct cleaning

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Air Duct cleaning

Duct cleaning generally refers to the cleaning of various heating and cooling system components of forced air systems, including the supply and return air ducts and registers, grilles and diffusers, heat exchangers heating and cooling coils, condensate drain pans (drip pans), fan motor and fan housing, and the air handling unit housing

What are the benefits of proper AC duct cleaning? 

  • Better breathing 
  • Better sleep
  • Improved morning energy levels 
  • Reduced energy bills

What is Air Duct Cleaning? Is it Important?

The need for energy conservation while maintaining a healthy and comfortable indoor environment has become an increasing popular expectation amongst homeowners. As a result, home builders as well as window and door manufacturers are employing techniques to make the average home airtight in order to conserve the most energy. These processes minimize the leakage of hot or cold air, preventing it from escaping your home. Unfortunately, when you trap the air, you’re also trapping the dust, contaminants and pollutants along with it. The trapped contaminants are pulled into a home’s HVAC system and are re-circulated on average, 5 to 7 times per day. Over time, this re-circulation can cause a build-up inside your ductwork.
The process of air duct cleaning typically involves the use of specialized tools to dislodge dirt, dust and other debris inside your ductwork. A high-powered vacuum is then used to remove the particles safely from your system, without releasing them into the air. It’s important to note that cleaning your ductwork without cleaning all the necessary HVAC system components, often negates any potential benefit.

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