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Termite Control Services

Termites are amongst the biggest concern for every homeowner or offices. You spend hefty amount of time and money to build your dream home or business but it is futile without termite control.

At Gulf Care, we have adopted the latest technology to detect termites and ants effectively through the usage of cutting-edge devices a breakthrough technology in the detection of termites, similar to radar, through timber, plastic board, brick or masonry.

We guarantee and promise our clients across Abu Dhabi and other Emirates no drilling, tapping or prodding, ensuring no interference to the building material or termite activity. We have over 17years of expertise in the termite control services.

Service Overview

1.   Termites:

Subterranean termites lives in tunnels below soil surface in colonies. The biology of the insects indicates these insects live in social status. They feed on woody materials and shall materials contain cellulose.

2.   Damage & Infestation:

Termites classified as economic pest because this insect causes damage to woody constructions in buildings, furniture, and all woody assemblies.

Substances so they make usually high infestations and huge damage to precious doors, windows, and roof made from wood.

3.   Termite Control Services:

These services are available and ready conducted to buildings, villas and governmental buildings.

There are two types of treatment systems as followed:

Preconstruction treatments: these are techniques conducted to control termites before establishment of certain building.

Post construction treatments: these are techniques are conducted to control termites after building establishment.

In both above treatments, company shall use updates, safe and effective termiticide, applicable with special standard, operated and supervised with trained approved supervisor & PCOs. 

4.   Long time Guarantee:


Long years guarantee is awarded to the client immediately after finishing treatment this guarantee make assurance of free of termites to certain building. 

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